The Wheel Welcomes Commencement of Charities Regulatory Authority

The Wheel today welcomed the formal commencement of the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA). The CRA, Ireland's national statutory regulatory agency for charitable organisations, is being established today (16 October) under the terms of the Charities Act 2009.

Commenting on the commencement of the CRA, Ivan Cooper, Director of Advocacy of The Wheel said: “The establishment of the CRA is a watershed moment for transparency for charities in Ireland. There is now a publicly available register of charities in Ireland which will be developed further in the coming months and which will provide people with clear information about what Ireland's 8500 charities do, and how they raise and spend their funds."

Mr Cooper added: "Charities have been calling for a regulator for years. They will now finally have certainty about what is expected of them in terms of reporting and accounting for their work. Today is a great day for the vital work that our charities do in supporting and sustaining communities and people across Ireland," said Mr Cooper.

What you should take immediate note of:

  1. There will be no immediate effect on your organisation’s work or fundraising, and there is no immediate action that your organisation needs to take.
  2. All CHY charities will automatically be deemed registered charities under the 2009 Charities Act and each of these charities will be issued with an Irish Registered Charity number.
  3. Over the coming months the CRA will be writing to each organisation on the register, inviting them to visit the online registration page in order to provide additional required information. The CRA will supply these organisations with a PIN number for these purposes.
  4. The act also requires that all organisations that DO NOT have a CHY number and: (a) have a charitable purpose, (b) are formally constituted as not-for-profit (or public benefit) organisations, and (c) raise or apply funds for a charitable purpose: seek inclusion in the register of charities within 6 months of establishment day.
  5. Organisations that are in doubt as to their charitable status should seek inclusion the register.

Learn more about Charity Regulation, including how to access The Wheel's Charity Regulation Helpdesk service here: