The Wheel Publishes New Report On Civil Society and the European Parliament

European Parliament ReportLast year The Wheel, in partnership with the Irish Environmental Network and the European Anti-Poverty Network, embarked on a new project funded by the Communications Directorate of the European Parliament in Brussels.
Intending to provide opportunities for civil society organisations in Ireland to engage with MEPs and European issues, our Civil Society and the European Parliament: Shaping Europe‚Äôs Future project comprised of a series of events running from December 2016 until May 2017.
During the project period, twelve events took place involving 301 participants, nine MEPs and multiple online and offline media. The project is now completed and to wrap things up, we invite you to read our specially prepared report on the activities and conclusions of the project.
Principal findings included:
  • Brexit is a dominant concern, especially for organisations funded by cross-border European programmes
  • There is a notable disconnect between the European Parliament and citizens which needs to be rectified
  • Participants committed to better engaging with Europe and its policies and programmes in future, where appropriate.
The value of our new project was immeasurably enhanced by civil society organisations who participated, so we wish to say thank you to all who came to events or engaged with us along the way.  A special thanks goes to the MEPs who came along to the twelve events and participated in an open dialogue.