The Wheel Launches December Fundingpoint Special Offer

With Budget 2013 now almost upon us and with funding increasingly difficult to obtain, we here at The Wheel want to make sure that we are doing our bit to provide access to quality funding information for the Irish community and voluntary sector.

So, for the month of December only, we are offering discounted subscriptions to our Fundingpoint service, to help Irish community and voluntary organisations to cope with the difficult year ahead.

Why Subscribe to Fundingpoint?

All Funding Sources, in One Single Resource 

Why spend hours and hours conducting your own funding research when you can subscribe to Fundingpoint, and let us do the research for you. Featuring continuously updated details for all the key funding grants (over 840 in total) to which Irish community and voluntary organisations can apply to - along with many new / lesser known grants that also fund in Ireland - Fundingpoint will save your organisation many days per a year in productivity and labour costs.

Funding Deadlines at Your Fingertips

One of the most innovative and essential features that Fundingpoint subscribers have access to is the Funding Diary of upcoming deadlines. This unique tool lists all funding application deadlines for the coming weeks and months, allowing you to stay neatly on top of your application schedule. In addition to that, the Funding Diary also contains dozens of grants with no set deadline which can be applied to on an ongoing basis.

Funding Tracking Tools 

You can use the Fundingpoint in-built tracking tools to bookmark those funding grants and funders, as well as deadlines, that matter most to you. This means that you need never miss another another funding prospect again!

Exclusive Subscribers Newsletter

We'll email you the Fundingpoint Subscribers Newsletter at the start of every month. Featuring fundraising news, events and tips, the jewel in the crown of the newsletter is the listing of all the key deadlines for the coming month. Typically listing about a dozen deadlines per month (in some months rising to as many as 40+), the Fundingpoint Subscribers Newsletter is an unrivalled and essential resource for Irish fundraisers.


Fundingpoint Testimonials

"Fundingpoint has saved us time and resources and helped us focus on funding we can apply for. This is a fantastic service to have especially in the current climate where every penny and every working hour is so valuable. The website structure is clear and very easy to use." - C. McGuigan, CEO, Suicide or Survive

"Easy access to a range of funding opportunities has proved invaluable to our organisation. We have obtained grants , funding and valuable information from Fundingpoint. I would highly recommend it to the voluntary sector." - C. Kelly, Project Co-ordinator, Pieta House

"I am really excited by the untapped funding opportunities that Fundingpoint is giving my organisation access to." - R. Yeates, Arts Centre Director, Axis Ballymun

"Fundingpoint is a comprehensive, professional and timely resource which is absolutely vital to charitable organisations and not-for-profits. It has been invaluable in ensuring that The Ark has been able to apply, in time, for funds for which it is eligible. A very useful site for those involved in applying for grants within their organisations." - T. Allen, Development Officer, The Ark





Subscribe to Fundingpoint Now

Subscribing to the Fundingpoint service is easy. Click on the appropriate category below for full details.

As a full member of The Wheel you are automatically entitled to subscribe to Fundingpoint for a heavily discounted cost (i.e. €125 for 12 months, as opposed to €200 for non-members).

However, in addition to this standard discount, our Fundingpoint Post-Budget Offer will provide you with an additional 36 euro off the cost of your subscription. 

This means that you can now subscribe to Fundingpoint for only €89.

Note: this special offer is valid for December only and will provide you with 12 months of continuous access to the Fundingpoint service. 

There has never been a better time to subscribe to Fundingpoint and so receive access to Ireland's most comprehensive source of funding information.

Our Fundingpoint Post-Budget Offer makes this doubly true by providing you with a significant €60 discount off the usual cost of subscribing to Fundingpoint (i.e. €200 for non-members of The Wheel).

This means that you can now subscribe to Fundingpoint for only €140.

Want to subscribe for even less? Then become a Member of The Wheel today and you can subscribe to Fundingpoint for only €89. Click here for details on membership of The Wheel.

Note: this special offer is valid for December only and will provide you with 12 months of continuous access to the Fundingpoint service. 

As a loyal Fundingpoint subscriber, we want to reward you by providing you with the following special offer:

Renew your Fundingpoint subscription at the discount rate now to receive an additional 12 months of Fundingpoint access for a great price. We will even throw in an extra 3 free months of access as a loyalty reward bonus. This will give you a whopping 15 months of Fundingpoint access for one low, low price.

Discount rate: 

  • Members of The Wheel: €89
  • Non-members: €140
Note: this special offer is valid for December only and will provide you with 15 months of continuous access to the Fundingpoint service. The 15 months will be added on top of your existing Fundingpoint subscription.