The Wheel to host special media training workshop for charities (6 June, Dublin)

On Friday 6 June, The Wheel will be hosting a special media training workshop in Dublin.
Whether you're new to the media spotlight or an old hand searching for a new angle, this specialised workshop will prep you fully to deal with any hardball media questions or interviewers that you are likely to encounter in the course of your job. 
The first half of the workshop will look at the different media outlets in Ireland (print, TV, radio, online, etc.) and will examine the different types of media interviews you could have to deal with in the course of your duties. The focus will be on how to get across key messages and address difficult or challenging questions when being interviewed.
The second half of the workshop will provide an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned as you conduct an on-camera interview on a topic of specific relevance to your role. These interviews will then be played back and reviewed to help improve performance. Note: we ask all participants to please provide some background information on an interview that you might be likely to be asked to do or have done previously (this can be by way of a press release, brochure, etc.) in advance - please email this information to:
There are only 6 place on this workshop.