The Wheel and Sunday Business Post supplement on the CV Sector - Sunday 30 Sept.

The Wheel will shortly publish the findings of our 2012 research to establish the key facts on the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. The research tells the story of the work that Ireland's 11,700 non-profit organisations do, who they do it with, and how they are coping with the social and economic crises.
We are excited about the potential the findings have to positively influence public perceptions of the significance of the community and voluntary sector in our national life. It is our view that if the public better understands the extent of the work being done by voluntary organisations then national policy will better support that work.
The Wheel is partnering with the Sunday Business Post to produce a special supplement to communicate and promote the key facts on our sector to as many people as possible.
Please support this important publication by purchasing the Sunday Business Post on Sunday 30th September, promoting it to your friends, family and colleagues and asking them to consider purchasing it too. There are thousands of businesses that supply goods and services to Ireland's charities and non-profit organisations and we would also ask you to bring the forthcoming supplement - and the opportunity it presents to advertise their services - to the attention of your key suppliers.