Website to Help Raise €5 Million for Children’s Charities

Irish Children’s Charities could receive over €5 million in additional fundraising over five years through a new fundraising channel, Established as a fundraising initiative for an umbrella group of Irish Children’s Charities, will initially provide hosted Child Safety and Computer Security tools as part of a programme to improve child online safety. Up to 44% of the proceeds will be donated to 12 children charity partners, including Barretstown and Barnados. When purchasing the programme, parents will be able nominate the charity they wish to receive the donation.

Parents will be able nominate the charity they wish to receive the donation.

The Child Safety Parental Control software tools allow parents to control, supervise and monitor internet and computer use by their children. Children’s computer activities can also be accessed remotely from outside the home e.g. from a work computer at lunch time. The software monitors all internet usage including browsing, Instant Messaging, social networking and can prohibit illegal (Peer to Peer) P2P file downloads. The Home PC Internet Security software helps to protect the home computer from computer attacks and viruses.

Commenting on the initiative, Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive of Barnardos, said “Children’s safety needs to be a priority for all parents regardless of it being online or off. Unfortunately rapid developments and the growth of the internet have overtaken awareness and actions by many parents. We now have a situation where many parents are now unaware of what their children are doing online and how to protect them. The launch of this service makes it simple for parents to safely control the online environment in which their children play and also has the double benefit of raising much needed funds for the charities involved.”

Speaking at the launch Dr Niall Muldoon, National Clinical Director, CARI said “Children are extremely vulnerable when online and their insecurities make them prime targets for online grooming. In particular the filming and distribution of sexual abuse victims leaves enormous scars and adds huge weight to the horror and increases the time needed to heal. Children need to be protected and parents have a key role in providing this security.”

To date twelve Irish Children’s charities have signed up for this initiative including, Barnardos, CARI, Crumlins Children Hospital (Medical & Research Foundation), The Jack & Jill Foundation, Barretstown, , Angels Quest, Enable Ireland, Carmona Services, Carmona Special National School Parents Association, Temple Street Hospital, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and the Children’s Sunshine Home.


Established in 2009 acts as an umbrella charity fund raising and child safety online advocacy group. The organisation delivers a suite of child and home PC protection software with the majority of the proceeds going to charity. Starting initially with Parental Supervision and Home PC Ant-Virus the company hopes to expand its range of services and exceed its target of €5 million of donations to Irish Charities. The founding directors are David Girvan, Colin Reid & Eoghan Comerford. They bring over 20 years of experience from the IT security and reseller industries in Ireland dealing with international vendors of security and control solutions.

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