Vodafone Ireland Foundation Announces Latest Funding Partnership

The Vodafone Ireland Foundation (VIF), one of Ireland’s most prolific funders of charitable causes, has announced that it is awarding €150,000 funding to the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) in a bid to help raise vital awareness among Irish people about the need to ring 999 during emergencies.

IHF research has found that, despite widespread awareness of the emergency number 999, vital minutes are often lost when people often choose to ring a clergyman or relative at the first sign of emergency.

Speaking at the launch of the event on 24 November, Rosemary Steen from Vodafone said, “By teaming up with the Irish Heart Foundation, we hope to play a vital role in preventing more deaths. In the case of an emergency a mobile phone is literally a “life-line” and calling 999 is the critical first step in saving a life. We are very glad to be part of this lifesaving campaign and look forward to being involved in many more over the course of our two year partnership with the Irish Heart Foundation.”

The funding provided by VIF will go to strengthen the Chain of Survival across the country. Chain of Survival refers to the four vital links people are advised to follow in emergencies. The first is to ring 999, followed by CPR, defibrillation and early access to advanced care.

This latest funding partnership brings the number of charity projects funded by VIF to 105 in Ireland (amounting to €3million). The foundation runs an annual grants programme, primarily focusing on improving the lives of children, young people and families facing adversity in Ireland. The scheme is expected to re-launch in early July 2009.

Please visit the Vodafone Ireland Foundation website to learn more.