Transparency on Remuneration of Charity CEOs

A number of recent news reports have highlighted issues relating to the remuneration of CEOs and senior managers in community, voluntary and charity organisations.

It is The Wheel’s view that all funds under the control of a charity - irrespective of their source - are public funds, and should therefore be used only for the charitable purposes that have been recognised by the Revenue Commissioners.

Moreover, we believe that the allocation of these funds should not be exempt from the requirements for transparency. This means that the same principles of transparency that apply to public funds under the control of any public entity, should also apply to all the funds held by a charity.

It is The Wheel’s view that the salaries of the CEOs of all charities (including additional benefits packages) should be publicly disclosed - as is the case with officials working in the civil and public services.

- Issued by The Wheel, 7 March 2012