Technology for Charites Initiative

An exciting new venture is being launched in Buswells hotel at 9am on 2 November by Minister Pat Carey, T.D, for ENCLUDE, an Irish technology charity which  will bring good news to the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland. 

Research carried out at the beginning of 2010 revealed that many Irish charities do not have the financial management systems in place to satisfy the requirements of the Charities Act 2009.  There is no standard method of accounting within the charitable Sector. Many charity organisations still rely on spreadsheets and manual records to track finances, while others use a mixture of software accounting solutions to varying effects.

"I’m particularly delighted that this solution is the product of Ireland’s software sector – an example of the Smart economy helping charities to work smart.”

“Being a charity ourselves we are very aware of the need for quality reporting and information, not just to comply with legislation, but also for good governance and management” said Eamon Stack, Director of ENCLUDE. “We are also aware that the sector depends to a large extent on voluntary management so access from anywhere at anytime to these financial records is vital.  Charity accountsIQ  addresses those needs via the Internet while significantly reducing the burden of reporting.”

ENCLUDE undertook a review of a variety of different charities and a wide range of accountancy packages in operation throughout the world, looking for the right software. The objective was to find a solution which would facilitate competent financial management and reporting across the entire Irish Community & Voluntary Sector. 

Happily the solution was found close to home in an Irish “Cloud” software company called accountsIQ.  ENCLUDE worked with accountsIQ to develop a charity specific version of their accountsIQ software. The solution is already in use in a number of charities and is ‘Regulator Ready’, providing an extremely powerful financial management and accounting solution, allowing multiple levels of analysis coupled with comprehensive and flexible reporting via an easy to use management dashboard.

“As part of our CSR programme, accountsIQ is now offering this solution exclusively to Irish Charities at a 70% discount in partnership with ENCLUDE” said Tony Connolly, CEO.  “This offers an extremely cost effective solution for charities and voluntary organisations, to ensure compliance with regulations, ease of reporting to funders and timely information to facilitate the decision making process.”

“I am delighted to announce this exciting new initiative.” said Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs, Pat Carey, TD. “In the current economic climate where charities are competing for scarce resources, they need to demonstrate that their services provide value. Information is of paramount importance to Boards, Managers and potential funders.  Community and voluntary organisations need to manage their finances in a manner that will allow them ensure proper control while providing flexibility to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.  I’m particularly delighted that this solution is the product of Ireland’s software sector – an example of the Smart economy helping charities to work smart.”

ENCLUDE, an Irish charity whose aim is to provide technology donations and solutions to Irish charities in order to reduce the digital divide in Irish society, have facilitated the donation of over €5 million worth of IT products to 500 charities over the past 5 years.

accountsIQ is ideal for charity and voluntary organisations as it is available anytime-anywhere 24-7 to staff, Board members and other stakeholders via the Internet and is very affordable and fully scalable. It scores highly on ease of use and support. accountsIQ is a Microsoft Certified Partner and the software is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England & Wales.  It has also been selected by Deloitte as their digital solution for clients across Australia. As it is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based there are  no up-front costs, no need to invest in IT infrastructure, no backups to carry out and upgrades and technical support are included in the monthly fee. 

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