Sunday Business Post to Publish Special Not-for-Profit Sector Supplement on 31 May

Ireland’s nonprofit sector is in the midst of a period of profound change. A series of controversies in late 2013 and early 2014, led to establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority - heralding a new era of increased transparency and accountability for a sector that employees over 100,000 people. Government has also indicated that it is developing a policy to implement “a new framework of competition for services provided through the sector” and a move away from block grants to an approach based on releasing funds for delivery of agreed outcomes.

These developments will have far reaching consequences for over 8,000 of nonprofit organisations across Ireland.

On Sunday May 31st, The Sunday Business Post will publish a special report on the Not-for-Profit Sector in Ireland. This report will focus on the challenges faced by this sector in this turbulent period – implementing much needed regulation, difficulties in fundraising, quality of governance, human resource issues and the pressure on services.

The report will be published in partnership with The Wheel.

 Drawing on the latest research, in particular this report will look at:

  • Current analysis of the nonprofit sector in Ireland – including the results of a new sector-wide survey. Where does the future lie?
  • Not-for-Profits & legislation - Charities Act 2009, regulation and the role of the Charities Regulatory Authority. New upcoming data protection legislation and it’s impact on charity fundraising.
  • Good governance in the nonprofit sector. What are the voluntary codes and standards, including SORP, the Governance Code and the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.
  • Charitable organisations and tax issues – how to apply for a tax exemption, eligibility and structures.
  • Guidelines for tendering and procurement. Support, advice and services available to Not-for-Profits to assist in this regulatory transition.

This report will be an ideal platform for businesses/experts who provide accounting, consultancy, legal, procurement and advisory services to charities and non profit organisations to achieve a showcase in a highly relevant and supportive editorial environment.

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