Sunday Business Post to Publish Special Not-for-Profit Sector Report on 25 June

On Sunday June 25th, The Sunday Business Post will publish a special report on the Not-for-Profit Sector. This report will focus on the challenges faced by the sector in this period of renewal and change. SB PostIreland’s not-for-profit sector has entered a new era of increased accountability and regulation. The Charities Regularity Authority (CRA) is currently developing a set of compulsory financial reporting and fundraising guidelines, and there is a renewed focus on corporate governance across the sector. At the same time, there is a push towards greater innovation and professionalism.

These developments are already having far-reaching consequences in a sector that employ over 100,000 people and has a combined annual income of €5.6 billion.
The report will be published in partnership with The Wheel.

Drawing on the latest research, this report will look at:

  • How the Not-for-Profit Sector is adapting to the new regulatory framework, the role of the CRA and forthcoming regulatory requirements
  • Good financial and corporate governance in the sector. The implementation of voluntary codes and standards, including SORP, the Governance Code and the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.
  • Charitable organisations and tax issues – how to apply for a tax exemption, eligibility and structures.
  • Guidelines for tendering and procurement. Support, advice and services available to Not-for-Profits to assist the transition to a commissioning model.
  • Human Resource Management, professional standards, training and leadership.

This report will be an ideal platform for businesses/experts who provide accounting, consultancy, legal, procurement and advisory services to charities and non-profit organisations to achieve a showcase in a highly relevant and supportive editorial. Contact Elizabeth Fallon on PH: 01- 6026042 or for details.