St Stephens Green Trust Grant Scheme Details Announced

Following a review in March 2014 by Brian Harvey (report available here), the next grant scheme funding application process of the St Stephen's Green Trust will focus on issues of social injustice in critical aspects of the following areas: prisoners/exprisoners and their families; Travellers and specific aspects of homelessness issues. The review also led to the Trustees agreeing to support activities for families in Direct Provision Centres (for which there is a separate small grants application form - see below).

Applications should be about demonstrating what works, social analysis and developing a user voice to effect positive social change. Projects should be ideas-driven – embracing new thinking, invention and innovation. The Trust has a particular interest in supporting work in partnership with others and for which there are few opportunities for funding. It also has a small grant programme for families in Direct Provision Centres which will fund activities for children.

General Grant Scheme

Prisoners / Ex-prisoners: The Trust is interested in organisations working with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. 

Travellers: The Trust recognises the multiple layers of disadvantage and racism experienced by Travellers in Irish society.

Homelessness: In 2014, the Trust is encouraging applications from organisations seeking to find new solutions to the current crisis in homelessness and disseminating what works.

Grant Application Planning Supports: As a new initiative, the Trust will consider providing small amounts of funding to support organisations wishing to develop project proposals, particularly those being developed on a collaborative basis. 

Key dates: the Trust now operates a two-step process which should assist applicants. The general grant scheme application form (for all grants focus areas apart from Direct Provision Centres) which is availablehere should be filled out and emailed to the Trust by Friday 12 September 2014. An initial assessment will be made, following which a decision will be emailed to you by Friday 26 September. If the initial assessment is successful, you will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal by Friday 17 October. 

Small Grants Programme - Direct Provision Centres

Direct Provision Centres: The Trust recognises the severe disadvantages and poverty of opportunity experienced by families in Direct Provision Centres in the Republic of Ireland. 

Key dates: the deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 26 September. 

Full guidelines / application forms for both grants are available on

About the St Stephen's Green Trust

Note: Maximum grants will be in the region of €15,000 per annum.  The Trust accepts applications fromvoluntary or community organisations,with a CHY or XR number. Also please note that the Trust does not accept applications from organisations with an annual income in excess of €500,000.

St Stephen's Green Trust is a grant-giving organisation which supports organisations working in Ireland to improve the lives of people who are affected by poverty/disadvantage and social exclusion. The Trust was set up in 1992 by a Dutch philanthropic family, which operates worldwide.