St Stephens Green Trust General Grant Scheme Opens for Applications

St Stephen's Green Trust has opened its General Grant Scheme focused on issues affecting prisoners / exprisoners and their families; male Travellers and specific aspects of homelessness (further details below).  Successful grantees will receive their grants in June. Only organisations with income of less than €500,000 are eligible to apply. 

2014 Grant Areas

  1. Prisoners / Ex-prisoners: The Trust is interested in organisations working with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. We will consider progressive initiatives focused on new approaches for: alternatives to custody; in-prison supports; out-of-the-gate supports; the availability of options to integrate the ex-prisoner back into society and initiatives working with prisoners’ families. Projects should include reflection and social analysis in the application, which allows the organisation to demonstrate what works or doesn’t work. Information gathered should be used to influence policy development and to effect change with some of the more difficult issues facing prisoners/exprisoners and their families. 
  2. Travellers: The Trust recognises the multiple layers of disadvantage and racism experienced by Travellers in Irish society. We have a particular interest in locally-based projects seeking to increase the participation of male Travellers in the development of their own community and encouraging leadership. Initiatives breaking new ground in the area of family support, conflict resolution, culturally-appropriate employment initiatives and personal development are welcome. We particularly encourage fresh thinking around enduring issues and applications should include a pathway to sharing the learning at all levels. 
  3. Homelessness: In 2014, the Trust is encouraging applications from organisations seeking to find new solutions to the current crisis in homelessness and disseminating what works. Areas which will be considered by the Trustees include social analysis, policy development and interventions which will contribute to long term solutions to the current crisis.

    Deadline for applications: Thurs, 24 April 2014.

Maximum grants will be in the region of €15,000 per annum. 

Download the full guidelines and application form here