SSGT Autumn Grant Programme Now Open

St Stephen’s Green Trust autumn grant programme is currently open and will fund work supporting Traveller Men, Criminal Justice and Vulnerable Migrants. Please note the Trust is not supporting organisations with income over €500,000 in 2017 (there are limited exceptions to this which are outlined on the website).

Traveller Men - we have a particular interest in locally-based projects seeking to increase the participation of male Travellers in the development of their own community, including initiatives breaking new ground in family support, culturally-appropriate employment initiatives and personal development. We are interested in initiatives which improve literacy levels and educational progression and projects which support physical and mental health. We encourage fresh thinking around enduring issues and applications should include a pathway to sharing the learning at all levels. Maximum grants available are in the region of €12,000 to €15,000. The average grant in 2016 was €7,000.

Criminal Justice - this programme supports work with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. We consider progressive initiatives focused on new approaches for: alternatives to custody; in-prison supports; through-the-gate supports; the availability of options to integrate the ex-prisoner back into society and initiatives working with prisoners’ families. Projects should include reflection and social analysis in the application, which allows the organisation to demonstrate what works or doesn’t work. Information gathered should be used to influence policy development and to effect change on some of the more difficult issues facing prisoners/ex-prisoners and their families. Development projects or start-up initiatives need to have a clear basis for future sustainability. Maximum grants available are in the region of €12,000 to €15,000. The average grant in 2016 was €7,000.

Vulnerable Migrants - for the purposes of this grants programme we define vulnerable migrants as refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants living in severe poverty and hardship. The Trust recognises the severe disadvantage and poverty which can be experienced by vulnerable migrants living in Ireland. This includes families living in Direct Provision Centres in the Republic of Ireland, refused asylum seekers in Northern Ireland who often experience destitution and undocumented migrants in precarious employment.

Deadline for applications: Thurs, 21 Sept 2017

We invite applications from organisations working directly with individuals and families, supporting them in a practical, effective manner to integrate into their local community and to be treated with dignity while living in Ireland. All project work needs to be underpinned by a drive towards learning, improving practice, advocacy and positive social change as set out in our general criteria for funding. Maximum grants available are in the region of €12,000 to €15,000.

More information and an application form is available on or contact the Trust at or telephone (045) 480666