Social Innovation Fund Launches Animate Programme

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) has announced details of the very first Animate Programme, which supports early stage innovations, projects, or organisations to get to the next stage of their development. 

The aim of the Animate Programme is to make sure that all those engaged by it are made ready for next stage social finance or philanthropic investment.

The Animate programme consists of several elements. An award fund of €60,000, made up of a cash award fund of €30,000 in grants and non-financial supports to the value of €30,000. SIF expects to make 3 equal awards of €20,000 in value each, although the judges reserve the right to vary this based on the applications received.

The call is open to social enterprises, non-profit organisations, programmes or projects. You will need to demonstrate your commitment to your desired social impact, and applicants with a legal form that is not-for-profit will have a clear advantage.

Key Criteria

The project must meet the following high level criteria:

  • Projects based in Republic of Ireland whose main benefit impacts people in Republic of Ireland
  • Social mission / Focused on social or environmental impact
  • Is a solution to a critical social issue in Ireland
  • Is innovative relative to other solutions available in Ireland (if any)
  • Is early stage, but is up and running. This means that it must be more than an idea, have a model that is identifiable, and has been tested with some users, and have raised some funds to get it off the ground.
  • Is scalable or replicable within Ireland
  • Has ambition to grow nation-wide at least, possibly internationally
  • Can create jobs in Ireland
  • Projects with sustainable revenue streams or the potential to develop them will have an advantage.

Interested? What Next..?

Head on over to the Social Innovation Fund website to read through the full criteria first prior to making your application..