Seminar: A New System of Banking for SME's

“We will thoroughly investigate the German Sparkassen model for the development of local public banks that operate within well-defined regions” – Programme for Partnership Government, 2016

This seminar will sketch the idea of a public banking system orientated towards SMEs to close the credit supply gap that exists in the Irish economy. Such banks will improve access to finance for SMEs on a regional basis, and thus will ensure continuous economic development on a more uniform basis by creating a virtuous cycle within those communities.

Time and Place: Wednesday Nov. 16, RDS - Library

Opening Times and Admission: Wednesday Nov. 16: 10:00 - 15:30

Main Speakers:

  • Dr. Karl-Peter Schackmann-Fallis (Executive member of the Board DSGV, Member of the European Economic & Social Committee Brussels): Dr. Schackmann-Fallis will outline the characteristics of the German Savings Banks Finance Group which combines banking business with a sense of civic responsibility.
  • Dr. Eoin O’Dell (Associate Professor, Trinity College School of Law): Dr. O’Dell will present a discussion on his work regarding the legal challenges relating to the implementing of the Sparkassen model in the Irish context.
  • Seamus Boland (CEO Irish Rural Link, Member of the European Economic & Social Committee Brussels): Mr. Boland will speak about the potential of this model to provide a more uniform economic development across all areas of the country.
  • Heinrich Haasis (Chairman of the Board of SBFIC and President of the World Savings Bank Institute): Mr. Haasis will introduce the Sparkassen Foundation and talk briefly about their work internationally.
  • Dr. Charles Larkin (Research Associate/Adjunct Lecturer at Trinity Business School): Dr. Larkin will outline some of the current economic factors in Ireland and their implications for the banking and finance sector.
  • Dr. Shaen Corbet (Lecturer in Finance, Dublin City University Business School): Dr. Corbet will present his work that examines the issues surrounding public vs private banking models in a European and Irish context.

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