Round Out the Year with Some New Fundraising Skills

The Wheel is running two very timely and engaging fundraising training workshops in Dublin in December, both of which have been developed specifically for the purpose of enabling non-profits of all sizes to diversify their incomes and make themselves sustainable. 

Booking is still open on these workshops, but early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Corporate Fundraising – Engaging Businesses to Boost Your Income

10 Dec 2015 - 9:30am - 1:00pm, Dublin

At present corporate Income and sponsorship represents just 2% of income fundraised in Ireland - but, when done well corporate sponsorship has the potential to be one of the most lucrative and cost-effective sources of income for your organisation.

In this workshop we’ll be taking a close look at the state of CSR in Ireland and what it means for your own organisation.

You’ll be learning about the cycle of corporate fundraising, from identifying potential partners and building relationships to asking for support. We’ll also look at how to maintain and maximise relationships with company partners.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility in Ireland

  • Sourcing potential sponsors and partners

  • Understanding what corporates want from charities and why they donate

  • Reporting and proving the impact of corporate investment

  • How to ask and what to offer

  • Managing corporate employee engagement.

Facilitator: Simon Scriver is Head of Fundraising at the charity One In Four Ireland, having worked in fundraising since 2004. Awarded Fundraising Ireland’s Supplier of the Year, he offers consultancy to some of the biggest and smallest charities in Ireland and abroad.

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Future Fundraising - Towards Sustainable Finance

17 Dec 2015 - 9:30am - 1:00pm, Dublin

Every non-profit is driven by a vision. The challenge is in ensuring that your organisation has sufficient and reliable resources in order to realise this vision. 

This half-day workshop will help you to realise this goal through the following unique 2-step solution:

Step 1: Understanding Your Current Situation

In this section of the workshop, we're going to show you how to properly assess your current financial situation by posing a number of key questions, including:

  • Do you know what resources you need to achieve your goals?
  • How much does it cost you to operate?
  • How much do you have coming in each year and from what kind of income streams? When is each of these likely to end?
  • Have you undertaken an investment analysis? Are you certain that your resources are working best for your mission?

We'll also introduce you to a useful tool - the Income Spectrum - which will help you map out the likely 'shelf life' of each of your main funding sources (be it grants, contracts, gifts or open market / social enterprise).

Step 2: A Framework for Action

This practical section of the workshop is going to revolve around a very useful investment analysis tool - the Matrix Map - in order to assist you in moving your non-profit's finances to firmer terrain.

Using The Wheel as a case-study, you'll be learning how to relate your mission impact to profitability in order to get the very most out of each and every euro.

Included in this case-study section will be:

  • A look at creating your own framework for action
  • Idea generation and thinking creatively about your financial needs.
Facilitator: Jennifer McCarthy Flynn joined The Wheel in April 2015 as the Training & Information Officer and has an extensive background in transformative community education and anti-poverty, social justice development work. Jennifer comes to the Wheel with over 20 years of non-profit development and management experience and has worked in Ireland, Canada and Namibia.