Research Reveals State of Recent Charitable Donations

Fundraising Ireland have recently made available the results of its recent public opinion survey on Charitable Donations & Christmas Appeals conducted at the recent National Fundraising Conference 2014.

The research, commissioned by Fundraising Ireland, the organisation for professional fundraisers, was carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes.

Below we have highlighted some of the key findings from the research.

Charity donors fall but donations up slightly. 

Two new surveys on fundraising indicate that charities could be struggling to find new donors but committed donors are sticking with their charities. 

The Fundraising Ireland surveys show a significant drop of 11%, or nearly 400,000 people, in the numbers who said that they gave to charity in the past month, including Christmas. Just 52% of people said they had done so in comparison to 63% in 2013. At the same time the value of donations is up slightly, with those who are donating giving higher amounts. There was a 12% drop in the numbers giving under €10 and a notable growth in those claiming to give amounts between €16 and €50. The average claimed most recent donation increased by over €25 (excluding donations of €1,000 plus)

For the second year in a row, Church/street collection was the most popular donation with 56% of all adults claiming to have made a donation this way. However there is significant evidence to suggest that there is a shift towards online and direct debit methods, albeit off a low base.

The research has found that there is particular support for charities that are associated with Local Intervention/Aid and Illnesses. Regarding the Christmas appeals, just over 1 in 4 people claimed that they would not have donated to charities over Christmas at all if it were not for the Christmas appeals.

There are also some interesting findings regarding the perception of the public towards the charity sector. The number of people who agree that a charity managers’ wages (could) affect their decision to donate to the charity has increased to 45% (+10%) this year.

Download the full report here