Quality Management Programmes for the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector

Community and Voluntary Sector organisations have, since the onset of the recession, seen a significant reduction in their funding whilst also being required to do more with less, in an environment subject to increasing regulation and standards.

To assist the sector respond to these new demands, the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) and the University of Limerick (UL), building on their successful collaboration since 2010 in developing educational programmes in Quality Management tailored to Community and Voluntary Sector needs, have come together with Johnson and Johnson (J&J) in establishing SOLA: "The Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Quality in the Community and Voluntary Sector”.

Dermot O’Donnell, Development Manager with DFI said “The mission of SOLA is to empower the community and voluntary sector to work towards quality service provision by engaging in research, education and training to implement proven governance and sustainable quality systems.

SOLA has developed the following three courses at Level 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications:

  1. Quality Management: Theories, Standards and Practices for Community and Voluntary Organisations
  2. Innovation Management: Developing Structured Creativity for Processes and Services for Community and Voluntary Organisations
  3. Problem Solving: Translating creativity and analysis into practical solutions to service Challenges for Community and Voluntary Organisations.

Completion of all three can be accumulated to achieve the Continuing Professional Education Certificate,“Service Quality and Outcome Development for the Community and Voluntary Sector”.

These courses are aimed at those within the community & voluntary sector with a governing, service delivery, activities coordination or management role within the organisation.

Graduates from this course may be considered for progression to a One Year Specialist Diploma in Quality Management at Level 9 of the National Framework of Qualifications.

Applications for the “Innovation Management” course which will be run over five days starting 20 February 2016 are now being accepted. The course will be delivered at The University of Limerick campus. 

Application and further details are available here.

Further Information

For further information on this programme please contact Linda Keane, SOLA Administrator on 061 - 202960 or email lindakeane@disability-federation.ie.