Public Consultation on Public Service Development and Innovation Framework

Our Public Service Consultation

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform is preparing a new framework to improve and develop our Public Services. The Department wants to hear your views on our general direction and the 20 actions it is proposing to implement across the Public Service by 2020.

All are invited take part in this online consultation, or send a written submission to Our Public Service 2020 submissions, Reform and Delivery Office, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, 7-9 Merrion Row, Dublin 2, D02 V223 or by email:

What is the Public Service?

The Public Service covers a broad range of organisations in Ireland. There are more than 300,000 public servants including:

  • teachers,
  • civil servants,
  • nurses,
  • doctors,
  • local authority workers,
  • the defence forces, and
  • an Garda Síochána.

Our public servants have a unique responsibility to the people of Ireland – to work towards the common good of all. The overall success of the Public Service is rooted in the decisions, actions and behaviours of these people. We want to support and develop our public servants so that they are exceptional in their roles. We want to put citizens at the heart of what we do. We want to strive to do our best every day in meeting the needs of the public. We want to take pride in our Public Service.

What is the consultation about?

Reforming the Public Service was a central part of the Government’s response to the economic challenges our country faced in recent years. Considerable progress has been made in that time to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of services. Please see our latest Progress Report for information on the most recent round of reforms and achievements.

A new development and innovation framework, Our Public Service 2020, provides direction and guidance for public servants and organisations on this new phase. It will be published in late 2017. We want to improve our capacity to meet the needs of the public, to collaborate better across the Public Service and to communicate more effectively the good work that we do.

The actions are grouped under three key themes:

  1. Delivering for our Public – what we are trying to deliver for the public;
  2. Innovating for our Future – how we are trying to do it; and
  3. Developing our People and Organisations – who will do it.

The Department will design ‘Better Service Delivery’ actions to improve:

  • the accessibility of our services;
  • the quality of our service;
  • how we use technology and data; and
  • how we listen to, and communicate with, the Irish public.

These actions will help the Department to:

  • reduce costs and increase efficiencies; while
  • improving services and maintaining quality.

With its ‘Innovation and Strategy’ actions, the Department aims to make sure that the strategies and policies that direct the delivery of public services:

  • can adjust to new challenges;
  • are rooted in evidence and experience; and
  • are always focused on the real impact of our policies and programmes on the public.

With its ‘People and Organisations’ actions, the Department aims to support the 300,000 individual public servants and the many organisations they work in. It will do this to make sure it has effective leadership and management, and the right mix of skills and tools to allow public servants to deliver quality services.

What does the Department want to know?

It wants to know if you:

  • agree with the direction it set out;
  • have other ideas about what it should be doing; and
  • have any ideas about how it can do better.

Click here to see the 20 draft actions.

Who is the Department consulting?

This is a public consultation so the Department wants to hear from as many people as possible. The consultation will run over seven weeks from July 13 – September 4, 2017. The Department will also be working through the Public Participation Networks within the local government system. These networks enable the public and organisations to voice their views and interests.

What will happen?

The Department will take all the submissions we receive during the consultation into consideration for the final version of the framework.

It will publish a report with the results of the consultation and the key issues raised.

After the view of the public have been incorporated, a final version of the Framework will be launched in late 2017.

Take Part Now

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As noted above, you can also send a written submission to Our Public Service 2020 submissions, Reform and Delivery Office, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, 7-9 Merrion Row, Dublin 2, D02 V223 or by email: