'Promising Ireland' Campaign Draws on Global Network of Philanthropists

North American supporters of Irish charity projects have assembled in New York to commit to raising funds for good causes in Ireland and the Irish diaspora.
The Worldwide Ireland Funds are an international charitable network working in 12 countries that have already raised over $380 million for worthwhile causes in Ireland and across the globe.

The campaign has been described as a call to action and a commitment to build for the future

About 100 members of the network's Young Leaders group comprising leading young professionals are getting involved in an inaugural event supporting the Promising Ireland campaign. Supporters from Canada and from US cities: Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago as well as Ireland are supporting Promising Ireland, an initiative of the Worldwide Ireland Funds. The campaign launched in 2010 intends to raise $100 million by 2013 to help Irish charitable organisations meet their challenges in a time of major funding reductions.
More than 50 million USD has already been raised. However, the Young Leaders group will now aim to add over $1 million for the Promising Ireland campaign through its global network of philanthropists. Contributors to the inaugural forum have included the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, Duncan Niederauer.
The Worldwide Ireland Funds is a network of friends of Ireland and people of Irish ancestry who raise funds to support charities working for peace and reconciliation, education and community development in different areas of society.
Founded in 1976, the Ireland Funds have assisted over 1,200 organisations including Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, Chicago Irish Immigration Support, Children's Sunshine Home - Laura Lynn House, Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland and the Dublin Jewish Board of Guardians. Over 200 organisations have already received support from the Promising Ireland campaign. 
Fundraising for Promising Ireland is being carried out across the Ireland Funds global network with its chapters in the United States, Ireland, Great Britain, New Zealand, China, Monaco, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, Germany and Japan. Priority charity areas also include assisting the elderly, working with disaffected youth, supporting the arts and promoting cultural heritage…
The campaign has been described as a call to action and a commitment to build for the future for all the people of Ireland and those of shared Irish heritage.
(source: xperedon.com)