Poker Fundraising Evening for Sli Eile Africa Orphanage Building Project

Slí Eile - - an Irish Jesuit outreach to young adults, is holding a fundraising evening to raise funds for the Sli Eile Africa Orphanage Building Project. On the evening itself (26th July) there will be a Poker Tournament along with a Snooker Tournament and Auction.

Slí Eile promotes the integration of faith and justice. Of its many programmes, volunteering experiences are high priority. This year there are groups in Zambia, Jamaica, and South Africa.

The new Galway Sli Eile group is sending three people (Deirdre Broderick, Joyce Leydon, and Ciaran Connelly) on the last of five two week periods at the end of August in Quazulu Natal Province building a feeding centre for AIDS-orphans as well as working with the kids at school.

The group believe that it is important that there be contacts of solidarity between young of richer countries and poorer areas in other parts of the world. The money raised will go to the cost of travel, accommodation, contribution to the building and running costs.

Further Info

Poker Fundraising Evening for Sli Eile Africa Orphanage Building Project: Euro 1000 Only Prize, e50 to play.

Also same night: Snooker Tournament (e10 to play) and Auction. 8.30 for 9.00 start, July 26th at City Limits, Oranmore, Co. Galway.

Contact Deirdre (087) 7719471