Plan Ireland Launches Christmas Appeal to Benefit Women & Girls in Developing World

The international children’s development charity Plan Ireland has launched its annual Christmas Gift Appeal comprising of a unique selection of Christmas Gifts, cards and photographic canvas prints.

Plan Ireland Christmas Appeal 2012

Pictured right: Susie & Elsa (6 years old) help launch Plan Ireland's Christmas Appeal

In line with Plan Ireland’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign, the focus for this year’s Christmas campaign is the support of girls’ education and women’s food and economic security in the developing world.

Plan Ireland CEO David Dalton, said, “By purchasing a Christmas gift from Plan Ireland this year, you are supporting gender equality and girls’ rights across the world. These gifts are essential and for girls it can mean the difference between a life of poverty and a life of prosperity for themselves, their families and communities.”

This year, Plan Ireland’s Christmas gift range includes:

  • ‘Super Seeds’, enough to grow an acre of soya beans (€15)
  • ‘ABCs and 123s’, numeracy and literacy education (€30)
  • ‘School Soccer Kit’, a soccer ball, whistle, jerseys and a pump (€50)
  • ‘School Packs for Girls’, which give girls the support they need to stay in education (€100)
  • A selection of stunning photographic canvas prints (from €100 to €250)
  • ‘The Gift of Child Sponsorship’, sponsor a child on behalf of a loved one (€264)
  • ‘West Africa Women’s Community Agriculture Kit’, which will enable mothers to join forces and grow food for their families (€1000)
  • “Clean Water for Schools’ which provides a school in Burkina Faso, West Africa, with a borehole and water pump to provide access to clean drinking water and will directly benefit more than 140 school children, with hundreds more benefiting in years to come (€10,000).

David Dalton continued, “A new addition to our Christmas Gift range this year is the ‘West Africa Women’s Community Agriculture Kit’. While the food crisis in West Africa may no longer be in the headlines, there are still millions of people affected, with women and children most at risk. The kit will enable mothers to join forces and grow food for their families and each kit contains 15 rakes, 15 hoes, 3 wheel barrows, 3 picks and a motor-pump, as well as essential seeds and fertiliser.”

Give a meaningful gift this year to the people in your life

Between the new catalogue and online options, there are now 11 gifts to choose from in the Plan Ireland Christmas Gifts range. Proceeds go directly towards Plan's work to end child poverty and with prices starting at €10, there is a gift to suit every budget.

As an added incentive, Plan Ireland has teamed up with corporate supporter Nivea who are offering an exclusive beauty gift bag with every purchase over €120. In addition, for every four packs of Christmas cards purchased, customers will receive one additional pack free of charge. Designed exclusively for Plan Ireland by Dublin based illustrator Orlagh Murphy and available in four beautiful styles, one pack of eight cards costs just €10.

So, how does it work? You simply choose a gift from the Christmas Gift range and once you receive the Gift Cards, you can add your own personal message which you can then send on to friends and family.

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