Places Still Available for February Fundraising Training

There are still a few places available for the fundraising courses being run by Training People in Belfast in early February. The course content will be relevant to groups working in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

Training People is a training agency providing training in fundraising and personal development throughout Ireland and the UK.  All of their courses are led by trainers with many years experience in their subjects and include a set of clearly written notes and a comprehensive list of ‘Useful Resources’. The course numbers are kept small in terms of group size to ensure adequate time for discussion and questions. Past evaluations of courses have been excellent (some participants comments are reprinted below).

Introduction to Fundraising  (Developing a Fundraising Strategy – Part 1)
Belfast Thursday 5th February 2009 (£55.00 / €70.00)                    10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

This course can be taken on its own as a complete ‘stand alone’ course.  Alternatively, it can be combined with the course below thus allowing participants to gain a complete overview of the subject of Developing a Fundraising Strategy.

Both of today’s half day courses are led by a trainer with many years fundraising experience gained working as a senior fundraising manager for not for profit organisations in Ireland and the UK and as a full time fundraising consultant. This first half day course provides an overview of the key principles which underpin successful fundraising practice. It covers:

  • Why fundraise?: An exploration of the main reasons why organisations choose to develop their own fundraising strategy and a discussion on the ethics and legalities of fundraising.
  • The Fundraising Marketplace: Key facts and figures about fundraising in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and what these tell us about successful fundraising.
  • 10 Key Fundraising Principles: Understanding some of the key factors which impact on all types of successful fundraising practice.
  • Essential Fundraising Skills: Discussion on the key attributes needed to be an effective fundraiser.
  • Fundraising Techniques – Overview: A discussion of key techniques used by successful fundraisers (this subject is further developed in the afternoon session).

‘Excellent training day, anticipated something fairly dry but this turned out to be informative and enjoyable’.

Writing a Fundraising Plan (Developing a Fundraising Strategy – Part 2)
Belfast Thursday 5th February 2009 (£55.00 / €70.00)                         2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

This course can be taken on its own as a complete ‘stand alone’ course.  Alternatively, it can be combined with the course above thus allowing participants to gain a complete overview of the subject of Developing a Fundraising Strategy.

This second half day course outlines a ‘9 Step Guide to Writing a Fundraising Plan’ including a detailed look at fundraising sources and techniques. The course covers:

  • Understanding the ‘fundraising cycle’
  • How to strengthen your organisation’s ‘Case for Support’ and why this is vital
  • How to analyse internal and external factors that may impact on your fundraising
  • The importance of learning from your own and others experience
  • A discussion on funding sources & fundraising methods
  • Setting fundraising targets and time-scales
  • The resources needed for effective fundraising
  • Reviewing and evaluating your fundraising

‘One of the best courses I’ve ever attended’... ‘Content was over and above what I expected’.

How to be a Confident Presenter (one day course)
Belfast Friday 6th February 2009 (£110.00 / €140.00)                       9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Public speaking can be a nerve wracking business. Yet most of us are required to talk publically in a wide range of settings from staff meetings through to presentations and talks to external bodies. The ability to be a confident presenter is a key business skill.

This one day seminar will cover a range of techniques on how you can improve your presentations and become a more confident speaker. It will consider:

  • 10 ways to overcome nervousness and speak with confidence
  • Top tips on preparing powerful and persuasive presentations
  • Effective use of notes and memory techniques
  • How to avoid common speaking mistakes
  • Body Language: What it says about you, what it says about your audience
  • 10 tips for creating excellent visual aids
  • Making an impact: Ensuring your audience remembers your message
  • Dealing effectively with questions

‘Excellent knowledge and experience, well shared with participants – nice atmosphere’.  ‘Thanks, I enjoyed it’.

Venue for all courses:  Council for the Homeless NI, Andras House, 60 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BB.

How to Register

  • E mail your details and the courses you wish to attend to and they will invoice you.
  • Telephone 028 9267 4737 (from NI) 0r 048 9267 4737 (from RofI) – they will take your details and invoice you.
  • Post your details and course requirements along with your euro or sterling cheque to Training People to the following address: 265 Lisburn Enterprise Centre, Ballinderry Road, Lisburn, N. Ireland BT28 2BP.
  • All those booking will be sent joining instructions – please note that Training People cannot guarantee your place until you have paid the course fees in full.