"Philanthropy in Ireland" Summer School Announced

The Centre for Nonprofit Management is delighted to announce the date for its fourth annual Summer School - 16 and 17 June. This year the Centre turns its attention to the topic of Philanthropy in Ireland. It is hoped that the Summer School will provide an opportunity to further deepen an ongoing conversation about the nature and practice of philanthropy.

In organising this event the Centre seeks to add to the substance of the thinking on Philanthropy in Ireland by recognising and building on previous and ongoing initiatives and events, by drawing in the experience of other active and leading thinkers and stakeholders in this area and by utilising the university setting to promote an open and free ranging debate.

The Centre plans that the 2009 Summer School will be the first of a series of three Schools which will address the broad theme of 'Resourcing Civil Society in Ireland', with future Schools addressing the related topics of Social Entrepreneurship, Volunteering, Nonprofit and Civil Society Education, and the relationship with public sector policy and service delivery.

Details and Reservations

When: Lunchtime on Tuesday, 16th to lunchtime on Wednesday, 17th June 2009
Where: IMI, Sandyford, Dublin 16
Fee: €250 (includes dinner) 

Please save this date in your diary. Further information will be posted on the Centre's website in the coming weeks.

If you would like to reserve your place at the Summer School please contact the Centre by email.