Philanthropy Ireland Launches Guide to Effective Giving

Philanthropy Ireland is delighted to announce the launch of its publication - Guide to Effective Giving. This guide is part of a suite of publications prepared by Philanthropy Ireland for philanthropists, potential philanthropists and key intermediaries, such as professional advisors and fundraisers.

Based on a review of 'good practice' literature and a series of consultations, this guide explores activities and areas of practice that should help philanthropic organisations become more effective in their giving and, ultimately, to have a greater impact. 

Rationale Behind the Guide

Philanthropy Ireland recognises that philanthropic organisations in Ireland are at various stages of development and therefore at different stages of implementing the practices described in the guide. Philanthropy Ireland's intention in preparing this guidance is to encourage existing and new philanthropic organisations to continuously strive for greater impact.

To that end, this guide explores the essential features of effective philanthropy and includes a detailed list of resources for those who would like additional information. In putting together this guide, Philanthropy Ireland carried out a review of up-to-date research and consulted with representatives of philanthropic organisations and research institutions to produce practical guidance in each of these areas that is useful to both new and established philanthropic organisations.

You can read the guide online or download a copy on the Philanthropy Ireland website: