Parents Plus Now Accepting Applications for Support Programme

In order to increase the access for families to evidence-based parenting supports, the Parents Plus charity are now looking for applications from interested agencies and organizations who wish to gain training and support to deliver the Parents Plus Programmes within their community or with a targeted client group.

The project is jointly funded by the National Lottery and the Parents Plus Charity.

The support package for successful applicants includes:

  1. Training for up to 18 Facilitators in on one of the Parents Plus programmes to be delivered onsite with the host agency. 
  2. Supply of full sets of programme materials including facilitator manuals, DVDS, professional books and parent booklets for the delivery of up to 20 parenting groups over a two year period. 
  3. Full post training support and supervision for facilitators, including access to the Parents Plus accreditation process. 
  4. Mentoring and individual support to coordinators and managers. 
  5. Evaluation of project and implementation support during the roll out. 

The deadline for applications is Fri, 8 November.

Who can apply?

The application is open to all agencies who work with children and families in Ireland. Joint applications from a small consortia of agencies working in partnership with one another are particularly welcome. 

You can find out more about the programme and download the criteria and application forms here on the Parents Plus website.