Older Persons’ Grants Opening for Applications in Early February

Last month The Community Foundation for Ireland announced the launch of its Older Persons' Fund - a long term philanthropic fund that has a particular focus on the promotion of civic engagement at a local level. The Fund, which opens for applications on 3 February, further builds on the Community Foundation’s long standing commitment and engagement to supporting older people within in their communities. Since its set up in 2000, the Foundation has invested over €1m in the sector.

The Older Persons’ Fund has been set up with an initial investment of €3m provided by The Community Foundation (€1m) and The Atlantic Philanthropies (€2m). The Fund will operate as a ring fenced endowment which on current rates of return would generate approximately €200,000 per annum in grant support. CFI is targeting an additional €1m to be raised and allocated to the fund between now and 2018, as well as ongoing fund development in the longer term.

It is estimated that by 2041, people aged over 65 will account for 22% of the population in Ireland, compared to some 11% today. The Older Persons’ Fund seeks to realise the benefits of this changing demographic by building a long terms sustainable fund to support older peoples’ voice at a local and national level and their capacity to engage fully in all strands of society including community development, education, health, sports and leisure and politics. The Fund will support locally initiated projects promoting older people’s civic engagement in:

  • Advocacy by older people themselves on issues that affect their welfare or on issues that they care about;
  • Promotion of older people’s participation as active citizens in their communities and their inclusion in civic life;
  • Any activity that addresses older people’s social exclusion, for example loneliness and isolation, where increased civic participation is a planned outcome.

    Opens for applications on 3 February, 2014

For more information on how to apply for a grant, please click here.