New Survey Reveals Fundraiser Salary Levels Over Last Year

Fundraising Ireland recently released the results of it's recent salary survey of professional fundraisers in Ireland. 190 fundraisers took part and answered questions about trends over the past 12 months.

The survey makes clear that almost two thirds of professional fundraisers in Ireland have not had a pay increase over the last year. This annual survey included responses by 190 fundraisers this year and showed that 18% of fundraisers experienced a pay increase while 19% had their salaries reduced. One respondent report a salary cut of 70%.

Click here to download the results in full.

Key Salary Survey Findings

  • The of  majority of respondents (63%) had seen no changes to their salary over the last 12 months.
  • 18% had seen increases but none had received a raise that was more than 20%.
  • Meanwhile, the 19% of people whose salaries had been reduced had mainly seen reductions of less than 15% overall, although some wages were cut more dramatically (one respondent reported a 70% decrease in pay with and two others reported a 30% and 40% decrease respectively).
  • Apart from Charity shops (one respondent), the respondents who dealt with major gifts tended to be the highest earners.
  • Just  7.9% of respondents said they receive a performance related bonus on top of their salary.
  • 36.8% said they received no additional benefits. Of those the remaining 63.2% that do receive additional benefits:
    • 35.8% were receiving a pension;
    • 40% were given a rate of mileage and;
    • Just 5.3% were entitled to health insurance. 
    • 6.8% answered “other” and these other benefits were specified as being, amongst others, parking spaces, life insurance, general expenses, phones and time in lieu.
    • Just 4 of the respondents were entitled to a company car.  2 of these were paid in the €100,000+ category, but the other 2 fell into the €35,000-€45,000 salary bracket.
  • Respondents who worked for organisations with higher fundraising goals tended to get paid more, with an average salary of €64,000 for respondents whose organizational fundraising goals fell between €5-7 million.
  • 44.7% said their organisation had met their fundraising target for 2011.
  • 63.2% said they had met their personal fundraising target for 2011.
  • 50% of respondents said that their personal goals had increased in the last 12 months, while 14% said their targets were reduced.
  • 86.1% of respondents had obtained a third level qualification.
  • Over a third of those with Masters Level degrees or higher earned salaries of over €65,000 per annum.

Fundraising Ireland invite all to discuss this survey in it's Linkedin Group. You can also download the survery results in full here.