New Report Outlines State of Impact Measurement Among Irish Nonprofits

The Wheel has published a new report on the state of impact measurement in Ireland’s community, voluntary and charity sector.

The report, Demonstrating Impact: Current Practice Amongst Social Purpose Organisations in the Republic of Ireland, is based on research conducted by Sandra Velthuis, an independent consultant on behalf of The Wheel in November 2011. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation funded the project.

Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel, said: “The Wheel is very pleased to publish this report which presents a clear picture of current practice in community and voluntary organisations in maximizing effectiveness and demonstrating the impact of their work. We believe that the ability of organisations to get to grips with the concepts and tools that allow them to demonstrate their impact will be of critical importance to them in the coming years.

"We are committed to contributing to the thinking that will be needed in the sector to enable this to happen; to helping organisations make that transition, and to share what we learn along the way. In that spirit, this publication is an early milestone point in a programme of work we embarked on during 2011, which focuses on how organisations can maximize their effectiveness and demonstrate their impact. It forms one of a series of publications and supports that are being rolled out in 2012 and beyond", she added.

Download the report here (PDF)