New Integrating Communities Programme to Launch

The International Fund for Ireland via its Community Based Economic and Social Regeneration Programme, offers real opportunities for communities to engage in reconciliation and regeneration activities. The Fund is recognised for:

  • early support for communities through 'first money on the table'
  • co-operation from other funders and leveraging of funds from other sources
  • a willingness to innovate and break new ground in support of reconciliation

This event will seek to help participants to:

  • learn more about the Fund's Community Based Economic and Social Regeneration Programme, including information on how to apply
  • find out how the programme works, the role of the Fund's agents etc
  • hear about examples of projects being funded

The Integrating Communities Programme will be launched with information on who can apply and what is on offer.

Integrating Communities is a new support programme managed by the Rural Development Council on behalf of the Fund. It is designed to facilitate community organisations that wish to co-operate on a cross border and/or cross community basis to work on issues of common interest.

As well as training, support and mentoring, funding may be available to undertake joint projects.

This programme is open to urban and rural groups operatiing both within Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland.

The launch event on the 19 February 2008 is intended for:

  • chief executives and development staff of district and county councils
  • urban and rural development networks/partnerships and umbrella organisations
  • community/good relations officers

More information and registration for the event is available from Joyce McMullan, RDC, 17 Loy Street, Cookstown, County Tyrone, BT80 8PZ.

Registration for the event must be made by 8 February 2008.