New Guide to Forming Strategic Partnerships with Business

Business In The Community has launched a new guide for community groups to assist them to strategically partner with businesses.

“Communities and Business Working Together” now available on

On Monday, May 17th, Pat Carey T.D., Minister at the Department of Community, Equality And Rural Affairs  launched an innovative new guide entitled, “Communities and Business Working Together” at an event in the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin. The guide, published by non-profit organisation Business in the Community Ireland and sponsored by Diageo Ireland and Ulster Bank, aims to help community and voluntary groups work with businesses in Ireland to achieve sustainable community development.

Key objectives

A key objective of the guide is to persuade community and voluntary groups to interpret their needs in terms of business skills, manpower and volunteering time rather than cash. The guide also provides a step by step process that community and voluntary groups can adopt when approaching businesses.

“I congratulate Business in the Community Ireland, Diageo Ireland and Ulster Bank on the publication of this guide as it should be an invaluable resource to the community and voluntary sector. Irish companies can have a major impact on our country’s society and there is a multitude of skills and expertise available out there which can be tapped into. The essential ingredient to success is that businesses and community groups develop long term partnerships and this really can result in huge benefits for both”, said Minister Pat Carey.

At today’s event, staff from Diageo Ireland and Ulster Bank spoke about their experiences of working with the community sector and the benefits they themselves experienced due to the partnership. The community partners also spoke about the benefits of engaging with such high profile companies.

Tina Roche, Chief Executive of Business in the Community Ireland commented, “The days of companies writing cheques for charities are well behind us. The community and voluntary sector realise that they need to take a more strategic and long term partnership approach to engaging business. This guide aims to equip the community sector with the right tools and advice on how best to approach companies and more importantly how those partnerships can be sustainable and mutually beneficial”.


Videos of Community Partnerships in Action

The “Communities and Business Working Together” guide presents the benefits of business support through case studies. These case studies captured on video feature the community, business and employee representatives talking about their community partnerships and highlight the different types of business support provided as well as the successes achieved.

BITCI hope that by listening to the videos, community and voluntary groups will understand why it makes really good sense for communities and business to work together:  Some benefits include:

  • Community groups gain valuable professional skills through tapping into expertise and time of business volunteers
  • Businesses  - build trust and reputation within the local community. 
  • Employees gain professional/personal development as well as improved morale and motivation in the workforce