Cosc Grant Scheme Relating to Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence

Cosc, the national office for the prevention of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence, is currently inviting applications for its annual Awareness Raising Grant Scheme 2011. 

Background to the Grant

Cosc logoOne of the High Level Goals of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010-2014 is to promote a culture of prevention and recognition through increased understanding of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.  Cosc’s remit provides that it will, among other objectives, seek to raise awareness of the nature and extent of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland and of services available to help those who experience these crimes. 

Developing, implementing and sustaining national and local awareness raising campaigns that challenge myths and increase understanding of the issues are key tools in the process of increasing recognition and understanding of this violence and need to be supported by related activity.  

Purpose of Grant

The purpose of Cosc's Awareness Raising Grant Scheme is to support groups

The deadline for all applications is 21 April, 2011 @ 5pm.

at local, regional and national level in raising awareness of these crimes and services for victims. Cosc also carries out its own awareness raising activities and these, together with the activity supported under the grant scheme, should be mutually complementary and supportive.

Cosc recognises that some activities are best carried out by those working on the ground, but it also recognises that it can play a role in ensuring a degree of co-ordination and collaboration where that makes sense.  Cosc supports collaboration between groups in raising awareness as an effective and cost saving tool of communication in that it gives groups an opportunity to reach a wider target audience to reinforce a common message.

Find Out More

Please click here to visit the Cosc website to access the grant scheme guidelines and to download an application form. 

The deadline for all applications is 21 April, 2011 @ 5pm.

Please contact Caroline Fitzpatrick at or 01 476 8680 if you require any further assistance.


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