New Community Transport Fund Opens for Applications

The Department of Transport has announced details of a new SmarterTravel Project Fund, which provides funding opportunities to Irish community and voluntary groups involved in the development of sustainable transport initiatives.

Background to Fund

To support the Governments Sustainable Travel Policy, SmarterTravel, it was pledged that a fund to support innovative sustainable travel projects would be established.  The Minister of Transport has now set up the SmarterTravel Project Fund to meet this pledge.

The objectives of the SmarterTravel Project Fund are:

  • To assist the development of demonstration projects that can deliver sustainable transport initiatives at both a national and local level, achieving real and measurable changes in people’s travel choices and behaviour
  • To assist the development of demonstration projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact of travel
  • To increase the capability of organisations to help deliver sustainable travel
  • To raise public awareness and acceptability of sustainable travel and transport issues

The fund will support both projects that are entirely innovative, and also those that are based on demonstrating how internationally proven methods and schemes can be applied in the Irish context.

The SmarterTravel Project Fund will run over the course of 5 years and, subject to continuing annual Exchequer funding, there will be €15 million available over its lifetime.


Applications are encouraged from a wide range of groups, organisations and institutions including, but not limited to:

  • Community groups
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGO’s)
  • Educational establishments
  • Local authorities
  • Businesses and business groups (where the proposal relates to, for example, staff mobility, or where a novel business proposal in the area of sustainable transport is being put forward)
  • Individuals (with proven expertise in the area)
  • We also note that joint applications, from co-operating organisations or organisations/individuals operating on a partnership basis, are welcome.

Further Info

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 9 September 2009.

Visit the Department of Transport's dedicated Smarter Travel Project Fund website for full details of how to apply.