New Chair of The Wheel Announced

We are pleased to announce that Sean Coughlan has been appointed as Chair of the The Wheel. Sean will be taking over this key leadership role from Seamus Boland, whose three-year term as Chair of The Wheel has helped to both strenghten and secure the long-term future of the organisation.

Sean is already a member of The Wheel's board and as such, has a tight grip on the strategic and operational needs of the organisation. In addition, Sean has a vast amount of experience which will help drive the organisation forward. As Chief Executive Officer of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Sean has helped enoucrage and support countless social enterpreneurial projects across Ireland. He has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, including management roles in Baltimore Technologies and Guardeonic Solutions, as well as the Department of Communications (where Sean served as Assistant Principal Officer).

In addition to welcoming Sean to his new role as Chair, The Wheel also wishes to extend it's profound thanks and gratitude to Seamus (who will remain on the board of The Wheel) for the unerring and invaluable work and inspiration that he has provided over the last three years.

Here's to the next three!

(You can read the biographies of all members of The Wheel's board here.)