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As regular visitors to will be aware, our fundraising guidance knowledgebase contains many different articles covering all aspects of fundraising in Ireland. To build on this reservoir of expert opinion, we have now published several guest articles and reports that should be required reading for anyone seeking to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest thinking from within the Irish fundraising field.

25 Tips for Fundraising in Tough Times

The most recent articles added to the knowledgebase of fundraising guidance articles is the “25 Tips for Fundraising in Tough Times”, authored by Kingsley Aikins, President & CEO of The Ireland Funds.

Written to prepare fellow fundraisers to deal with the financial crisis head-on, “25 Tips…” features practical advice about the need “to analyse our mission, communications, supporters and audiences. Long time supporters need to hear from us and new audiences need to be cultivated, new sources of revenue identified and new ways to cut costs considered".

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The Language of Philanthropy and Background of Community Foundations

Authored by Niall O'Sullivan, the Head of Fund Development at The Community Foundation for Ireland, this guidance article offers a guide to getting to grips with the world of philanthropy and its associated language and terminology.

The article also discusses philanthropic resources available to the community and voluntary sector in Ireland, as well as delving into the more complex terrain of endowment funds, both from a donor and a charity perspective.

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Fundraising in a Cold Climate

Prepared by Dennis O’Connor and Deirdre Hatch of 2into3, the non-profit specialists, this in-depth report draws on the lessons of past financial and political instability in the world to analyse what is likely to happen to fundraising in Ireland over the coming months and years.

And encouragingly, the news is not all bad - as the report say; “Based on historic evidence, undoubtedly for some the impact will be felt strongly in a negative way, but for others, the impact is less certain and may even be positive.”

Read the full “Fundraising in a Cold Climate” report. will continue to add other timely fundraising guidance articles to the knowledgebase over the coming months.