NALA is Seeking Your Help

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) has asked that the following information be circulated widely:

Contact your TD or Senator

To include an adult literacy strategy in the FET (SOLAS) Bill 2013

The law to set up SOLAS as the national Further Education and Training (FET) authority is currently going though the Dáil.  It is called the FET (SOLAS) Bill 2013. SOLAS will co-ordinate and fund FET, including adult literacy, from 2014. 

NALA believes it is essential to prioritise adult literacy...

Adult literacy and numeracy are not mentioned in the Bill.  NALA believes it is essential to prioritise adult literacy in the reforms so that people with literacy difficulties will be better served in the future.

NALA wants the Bill to be changed to give SOLAS a specific responsibility to develop a national adult literacy and numeracy strategy. 

NALA needs your help to make sure that TDs and Senators are aware of this proposed change and that they support it.   

How can you help?

You can send the attached letter (see below) to your TD and / or Senator asking them to write to the Minster for Training and Skills Ciaran Cannon to support NALA’s amendments.

Find your local TD here.

For further information on this campaign, please contact John Stewart on (01) 412 7913 ||

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