Mystery Donor Posts €3k to Charity

Irish charity World Vision Ireland is appealing for an anonymous donor to come forward after they received a donation of nearly €3,000 in cash.

On Tuesday afternoon, the aid agency received a donation of €2,760 in the post and it is now trying to track down the generous donor in order to officially thank them.

John Kelly, the office worker who opened the envelope said: "I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a huge wad of €50 notes, without a letter or note or anything -- just a raffle ticket. It's incredible. It's restored my faith in people that's for sure."

Mr Kelly and his co-worker Tressan McCambridge discovered the donation as they were opening their post.

Ms McCambridge said: "We were so surprised. We were just sorting through the post and opened an envelope and found a lot of cash, along with a raffle ticket.


"It was sent through regular mail, in a regular brown envelope -- nothing remarkable about it."

Although the relevance of the raffle ticket is still not known, the pair are speculating that whoever sent in the mystery package may have won the money and chose to donate their winnings.

Ms McCambridge said: "There's so much bad news out there, and it's wonderful to see such a nice gesture, it's heartwarming really. It absolutely made our day.

"The fact that they want nothing in return, not even any acknowledgement for their deed -- it's so kind."

World Vision Ireland CEO Helen Keogh said: "We don't know who sent the money, so we can't thank them personally, but we are so grateful. It's fantastic to see such generosity despite the recession.

"During Live Aid in the 80s we proved we were a giving nation. This proves it's still the case today."

Although the charity said donations have remained relatively steady in the recession, they admit that such a gesture is virtually unheard-of.

"It's very rare that we would see such a substantial donation, and one made anonymously almost never happens," Ms McCambridge said.

"Whoever it was, if they're reading this, we want to say a big thank you from World Vision. Rest assured your money is being spent on people living in the most extreme cases of poverty."


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