Minister Announces Latest Round of BenefIT Scheme

The latest round of the BenefIT grant scheme has just been announced by Minister of State with special responsibility for the Knowledge Society, Conor Lenihan. Find out how to apply...
There is a total of €285,000 available  for this round of the scheme (up to €228,000 of which  can be drawn down in 2009). This represents a significant decrease in the level of funding available for this scheme. The focus therefore will be on those areas where research shows the needs are greatest in order to achieve the maximum value for money: the delivery of specific basic training to new users.

The target groups for this scheme are:

  • Older people (defined as aged 55 or over)
  • People who have had less formal education or who have no formal qualifications
  • Unemployed people
  • Disadvantaged people – which may include:- people with disabilities, those living alone – particularly in rural areas, single parents, travellers, ex-prisoners, immigrants. 

It is envisaged that only one grant will be awarded for this round. The grant will be awarded to the organisation – or group of organisations making a joint proposal - that achieve the highest score as set out in the guidelines (see link below). 

The Minister recognise that because this scheme is smaller and more focused it may not be relevant to many organisations who availed of previous schemes. Some groups or organisations may however wish to consider liaising with other groups with a view to submitting a joint application which would meet the requirements for application. 

The deadline for applications is 3pm on Tuesday, 20th October 2009.

Click here to visit the Department website for the full guidelines and application form.