Member Offer: Data-Driven Marketing for NGOs & Charities, 29-30 January, Dublin

Fifteen of the world’s most innovative marketing technology companies have come together to organize the first ever conference dedicated to Data-Driven Marketing for Charities and NGOs. The conference takes place at the Helix in Dublin on January 29 & 30.

DDM for Charities and NGOs is tailor-made for fundraisers, marketing managers, community developers and communication strategists who would like to be up-to-date on the latest innovations in marketing technology. When you sign up at with code TheWheel, you can register for €121.77  (inclusive of VAT) to cover catering and venue expenses (as you can see, conference passes cost € 1995, but include flights and hotel – which are not included in our tickets).

There’s a limited number of seats available, so please be sure to reserve your spot at your earliest convenience. I look forward to welcoming you at The Helix on January 29!

View the conference programme.