Major Push for the Declaration for a Future Ireland

Next week Claiming Our Future (COF) is planning one last push for the Declaration for a Future Ireland, and so is asking everybody who can to use their social media networks, membership newsletters and all other channels to promote this visionary document.

You can also still order your free poster from COF. To start of the Action week, COF is organising a small photo stunt on Monday, 5 December, 1 pm, at the GPO on O'Connell Street. All are invited to come along (for about 30 minutes), to take part in the picture that celebrates '20 years' of Declaration for a Future Ireland. The picture will take place 'in the future' - 2036. 

If you are interested in attending this photo event, please email:  

Also, if you want to join COF for its FINAL Assembly next week Saturday, 10 December, 3-6 pm in the Tailors Hall in Dublin, please register now. 

It will be a space to reflect, look into the future and to celebrate and all are encouraged to attend.

You can find the program and registration here.