LIFE+ Funding Information Workshop

The European Commission, in conjunction with Stella Consulting and MWH, are organising an information workshop on the LIFE+ Programme in Ireland.

The aim of these workshops is to inform potential applicants about the LIFE+ Programme in the context of the 2009 Call for Proposals. In particular, they aim to help potential applicants decide whether or not to submit a LIFE+ proposal, and to highlight some key issues to help avoid common problems if they do submit a proposal. The target audience is therefore those who:

  • Have little or no knowledge of the LIFE+ Programme;
  • Are submitting their first proposal; or who
  • Have submitted an unsuccessful proposal in the past.

However, those with previous LIFE experience are also welcome to attend.

The agenda will include a new presentation to inform participants about the main points of the LIFE+ Programme and, where possible, successful applicants to the LIFE+ Programme will also make a presentation. Please note that no information will be available about the ongoing selection process from the 2008 Call for Proposals at these Workshops. Furthermore, the Workshops are not Writers’ Workshops and therefore will not provide in-depth working groups on preparing proposals.

How to Register

The workshop will take place on 29 May at the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government in Dublin.

To participate in a Workshop, please send an email to Vanina Dubois:

For further information about the LIFE+ Programme, visit the following website: