LIFE Funding for Environment Projects – Call for Proposals 2016

The EU Commission has published its 2016 CALL for proposals for LIFE Action Grants for its 2 sub-programmes: Environment and Climate Action.

Different closing dates apply depending on the project category.                             

Opening Date


Grant Type

19 May 2016

7 September 2016

Climate Change Action (Mitigation, Adaptation and Climate Governance & Information)

19 May 2016

12 September 2016

Environment & Resource Efficiency

19 May 2016

15 September 2016

Nature & Biodiversity and

Environmental Governance & Information


Further details on the 2016 Call can be had and Application Packages downloaded from the EU LIFE programme website at  2016 Call for proposals for LIFE Grants(link is external)

If you consider LIFE may be an appropriate source of funding for your project idea, the Department’s LIFE office people would be happy to hear from you. They can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone at 01-8882571.

LIFE 2016 Call ! How to Apply

Life application process - All traditional LIFE project applications must be submitted directly to the European Commission/EASME through e-proposal. We would advise any Irish applicants to register on e-proposal (link is external)as soon as they can following the publication of the LIFE 2016 Call. A step by step guide to the e-proposal registration process is available in the guidelines of each sub-programme of LIFE.

Check the Project topics

The Dept. of the Environment strongly recommends that all applications under the LIFE Environment Sub-Programme (including LIFE Nature and Biodiversity) should cover one of the topics listed in the LIFE Multiannual Work Programme 2014-2017   (link is external) or the relevant set of guidelines.  Projects that don’t cover one of these topics will miss out on 10% of the marks available during the assessment process. This will put these applications at a massive disadvantage in comparison to projects that cover one of the approved project topics.

Project idea screening

If you have an idea for a LIFE project but you are not sure if it is eligible for funding, the Department of the Environment offer a year round screening service to potential applicants. Potential applicants who have a project idea are asked to fill out the concept template and to submit it by email to

While this is a year round service applicants are asked to make themselves aware of specific application deadlines as significant engagement will not be possible from the LIFE Contact Point unless the Department receives a concept template early in an application cycle.

Applicants who are hoping to develop a concept to the point where it could become a potential LIFE application are advised to look at well-known project planning techniques such as Logical Framework Planning (link is external) to scope out their idea. The LIFE application process is extremely structured and it is essential that applicants plan their project from the outset as this will maximise their likelihood of success.

Read the Guidelines

Important information for LIFE Nature and Biodiversity applicants

If you are applying for LIFE funding it is absolutely essential that you read the relevant application and evaluation guidelines (link is external)of the sub-programme of LIFE that you are applying under.

The vast majority of LIFE Nature and Biodiversity applications will require engagement with the National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS). They have a very useful news item on their website (link is external )which explains how potential LIFE applicants should engage with them and the timelines that they should adhere to in order to ensure engagement from them on any potential application.

LIFE Information Day 2016

This year’s LIFE Information Day took place on Tuesday 15 March 2016 in the Custom House in Dublin. The event was held ahead of the annual call for applications as a means of promoting the LIFE programme in Ireland and of informing potential applicants about the application process and planning and managing a project.

Potential applicants took the opportunity to meet with Irish projects successful in drawing down co-funding.  Coillte Raised bog restoration, DEPOTEC, Burren Tourism for Conservation, Aran LIFE, Kerry LIFE, RAPTOR LIFE, WISER LIFE and LIFE BEEF Carbon were all present on the day to offer advice and insights.

Among the speakers on the day was Fran Igoe who has vast experience in 3 LIFE Nature projects: Mulkear LIFE, Duhallow LIFE and Raptor LIFE. Issues covered included the application phase, project phase and After LIFE phase.

Download the presentations here