Irish Youth Foundation Children’s Hour Grant Application Now Open

In 2015 nearly 70 projects across Ireland received funding thanks to the generosity of businesses throughout the country.  Employees in companies donate an hour of their pay and on average, companies raise €1,200. This year our Children's Hour fund focuses on funding homework clubs, educational programmes and personal development programmes in the voluntary and community sector for children under 12 years of age.

Deadline: 17 Sept @ 5.30pm

Deadline for applications is 5pm on 17 September. If your project is successful in being shortlisted for funding you will be informed in October and the grant will be released from IYF January 2016.

Please reference the Funding Criteria below for more information on how the application will be processed. This also details the questions asked in the online form if you wish to prepare them in advance of filling in online.
Note: The IYF does not fund schools or commercial projects. When submitting this application please complete ALL questions and complete in one sitting.

Please click here to access the online application form.


Grant applications are assessed by a specialised committee and recommendations are made to the Trustees for approval. The general criteria for assessing grant applications are set out below:




1. Suitability of Organisation



2. Circumstances of Target Group



3. Purpose of Grant



4. Impact and effectiveness



5. Innovativeness






Notes on Criteria:
  • Suitability of organisation refers to whether the applicant body works directly with children and young people or for their benefit and whether there is confidence in the work that they do. Those bodies working with marginalised and excluded children and young people are of particular interest to the Irish Youth Foundation.
  • Circumstances of the target group refer to the actual children and young people that the grant will be used in favour of and their particular needs taking into account their geographic location. The Irish Youth Foundation aim to help young people in every county in Ireland.
  • Purpose of the grant is self-explanatory but attention should be given to whether the application is realistic and appropriate.
  • Impact and effectiveness refers to the benefits of the proposed activity and to what extent an Irish Youth Foundation grant will enable the purpose to be achieved for the benefit of the target group.
  • Innovativeness is trying to capture proposals which are different or novel.

Questions you may like to prepare in advance of online application:

  • What are the aims and objectives of the organisation? (100 words max)
  • Briefly describe its activities (100 words max) 
  • Describe what you require funding for (100 words max)
  • Please give a description of your programme, project or group which you would like to attract funding for (100 words max)

Our Children's Hour fund focuses on funding homework clubs, educational programmes and personal development programmes in the voluntary and community sector for children under 12 years of age only.

  • Please outline the intended benefits to children (100 words max)

Points to remember in completing an Irish Youth Foundation application form:

  • Read the application form carefully before completing it
  • Only electronic applications will be accepted unless approved under special circumstances.
  • Be accurate and precise in your answers.
  • Complete all sections of the form.
  • The proposal should be focused and specific.
  • The budget should be realistic and manageable.
  • Do not include additional material unless requested.

In order to be eligible for funding the applicant must be:

  • Working with children under the age of 12
  • Have voluntary participation by young people.
  • Have at least 12 participants in the group.
  • Have been in existence more than 12 months by time of application.
  • Have and adhere to a child welfare policy.
  • Conduct activities that take place in out of school/voluntary context (not part of school curriculum).

Conditions of Grant upon approval:

  • You will complete a report according to the format supplied detailing how the grant was spent. 
  • You agree to monitoring visits by the Irish Youth Foundation staff or their agents to observe progress and to review financial records connected to the activities financed by this grant.
  • The offer of a grant is conditional on the programme commencing within a three month period from the date of receipt of the grant otherwise it may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Irish Youth Foundation.
  • Abide by  Guidelines of Best Practice for Working with children
  • The money allocated must be used specifically for the purpose for which it was approved.
  • Any alterations to these arrangements must be agreed in advance with the Irish Youth Foundation.
  • Upon approval of grant request the contract needs to be signed and returned within 60 days or grant offer will be withdrawn.
  • Return your grant or remaining funds to IYF if your project can’t happen or can’t be completed.

 You may also be asked to provide the following:

  • Provide us with financial information e.g. Financial Statements, Annual Accounts.
  • Send us your Child Protection Policy

All queries in relation to application please contact:
Sabina Cotter- Head of Grants and Programmes. Phone: 01 6766535.