Irish Times To Donate 20 Cents from Each Newspaper Sale to Simon Community

The Irish Times has announced that for every newspaper sold on Friday 23 November 2012, the paper will donate 20 cents to The Simon Community’s House of Cards Appeal, which helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

This initiative by The Irish Times will raise more than €18,000 for the Simon Community, based on current circulation figures for the paper.  Simon’s House of Cards Appeal is an innovative campaign which encourages businesses to make a donation to the Simon Community and address a problem in lieu of sending Christmas cards or gifts. See article on the Simon Community in today’s paper here.

Sam McGuinness, CEO, Simon, said, “The Simon House of Cards Appeal would not exist without the pivotal support of The Irish Times. Each year this appeal helps the Simon Community to recruit new supporters and continues to help Simon strengthen relationships with the Irish business community. The donation of a percentage of newspaper sales to Simon is a creative and much needed fundraising initiative. We are extremely grateful to The Irish Times and its readers and encourage the public to buy The Irish Times on Friday. Our aim at Simon is to address the underlying causes of homelessness and support people in moving from the chaos of sleeping rough back to regaining their confidence and independence.  We continue to do this with the critical help, generous support and leadership of The Irish Times and its readers.”

“Funds raised from our House of Cards Appeal helps to empower people to access, secure and retain their own home."

The Irish Times will also run the Simon House of Card adverts promoting the Appeal in December and a “Thank You” full page advert from Simon which is published in January.  This is the 14th year that Simon and The Irish Times have partnered for this appeal. In previous years, the appeal has helped more than 5,000 men, women and children, trapped into sleeping on the streets or in unsuitable accommodation.

“Funds raised from our House of Cards Appeal helps to empower people to access, secure and retain their own home. This can be achieved by reducing the reliance on short-term emergency accommodation and fully operating a Housing-led model, providing permanent housing and supporting people to sustain a home in their community, ensuring they never return to a homeless situation,” said Sam McGuinness.

Orna Mulcahy, Managing Editor, The Irish Times, said, “Over the years the publication has tackled the issue of homelessness through its reporting of this important but sometimes overlooked national issue. As part of its local charity partnership with Simon, the 20c from the price of each copy of The Irish Times sold will go to Simon’s House of Cards Appeal and support people experiencing homelessness in practical ways. By taking part in the House of Cards Appeal, businesses can play their part in helping the Simon Community move people out of homelessness and back to independent living. We hope to raise awareness and over €18,000 for Simon’s House of Cards Appeal and provide a lifeline to the many individuals and families who are homeless this Christmas.”

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