Irish Social Enterprises Invited to Participate in Global Initiative

Irish community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises are invited to take part in LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future, which is a global initiative to find innovative and workable solutions to a myriad of issues, including the regeneration of vacant spaces, youth and community empowerment, and various others around health and ageing.

Focusing on particular cities across the world, the initiative has launched 21 Calls for Solutions which cover urban management, social innovation and economic development themes. Examples of challenges presented are the post-earthquake reconstruction of Christchurch (New Zealand), real-time emissions modelling of London or deploying data infrastructure to close the digital divide for Lagos (Nigeria) 23 million citizens. Other pressing issues such as health promotion, real-time management of traffic and combating dereliction are also featured. You can see the full list here.

Submissions for these various calls are invited from social entrepreneurs and innovators located anywhere in the world.

Why Participate?

LLGA offers you a program to inspire global cities, build international recognition, gain in-depth market intelligence, learn from other leading cities and create growth opportunities for local businesses. Every year LLGA interviews 300+ cities to select the most committed partner cities for the LLGA program.

By identifying opportunities for improvements early on in the process and inviting a market response, LLGA delivers an average of 10 times more intelligence on inspiring new solutions. Pilots are proven to deliver an important learning experience to city leaders and other stakeholders.

The deadline for all submissions is 31 January.

Typically LLGA solutions reach citizens 3 times faster and at saving of 90% compared with otherwise projected costs. The City of Barcelona, for example, calculates the value created by each of its past LLGA pilots at EUR 500,000.

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