Irish Fundraisers Network Meeting in Dublin

If you are a full time fundraiser, have to raise money as part of your job or  are involved in fundraising in a voluntary capacity it can be a lonely and challenging role. 
Having the opportunity to meet and connect with others who know exactly what your challenges are because they are facing them too can really make all the difference. This networking event for Irish Fundraisers is a great place to start building your own fundraisers network. 

Why Now?

The charity sector in Ireland is in a huge state of flux at the moment with the new regulator, GDPR, the founding of the new Charities Institute Ireland and for the moment the individual fundraisers have been left out while organisations struggle to get their heads around policies, principles and codes.
The aim of this new network is to create and support an environment where fundraisers, whether they are fresh faced out of college, moving from a different sector or just looking to build connections can meet colleagues, share stories and build their own network. 

About The Event

This is a fun and informal networking event for fundraisers. It will be a place to meet and share your experiences and challenges with people who are facing the same challenges that you face every day.
It will feature a number of very brief presentations on fundraising topics to get ideas and conversations flowing. The coffee is promised to be good!

Time & Location

20 Oct, 2017 at 9:00am - 10:30am IST
O'Connell House, 58 Merrion Square S, Dublin, Ireland