Irish Fundraisers Meet Over Financial Crisis - Reports Available to Download

An important meeting took place in Dublin on Monday 6th October when a number of leading groups from the Irish fundraising community convened in the offices of Concern to discuss the development of a common approach to the current financial downturn in Ireland. A series of actions were agreed upon during the meeting and two significant fundraising reports were made available which you can download now.

Agreed Actions

The following actions were agreed upon at Mondays meeting:

  • The attendees of the meeting agreed that there is a benefit in having a common position for public communications. A number of attendees agree to work on the development and identification of opportunities for the delivery of key messages.
  • It was also agree that the current economic downturn should be used to the advantage of the sector by analysing sectoral economies, reviewing structures, considering merger opportunities and identifying skills shortages and resourcing needs.
  • The success of the Legacy campaign was highlighted during the meeting and the model suggested as one that would suit other sector wide initiatives.


Two very useful papers considering the potential impact of the current economic crisis have recently been published.

Fundraising in a Cold Climate

Author: 2into3

This report shows that, in the US, fundraising income generally increases during downturn (a single exception was the 1987 stock market crash).

Download the 2into3 report. (PDF, 404K)

GDP Charity Income

Author: nfpSynergy

This second report, developed using UK data, shows that fundraising income generally falls, but with a ten-month time lag.  The reports aims to show:

  • GDP changes affect charity incomes
  • There was a delay to this effect, approx 10 months for voluntary income 17 months for total income
  • We are at the end of that delay period – 2009/10 will be the tough years for charity income
  • Income growth will become stagnant on average with some charities experiencing income falls – other charities may even do quite well and continue to grow

NfpSynergy researcher, Jonathan Baker, told that: “The effects of the credit crunch and economic slowdown have had a delayed effect on average charity income growth with the year ahead expected to show the real impact on donations. Charities should be planning for difficulties and a focus on efficiency and understanding their donors will help charities to weather the storm”.

Download the nfpSynergy report. (PDF, 74K)