Irish Charities Taxback Campaign Ready to Roll

Your charity has already invested considerably in recruiting, developing and retaining your donors. You’re under pressure to increase your return on that investment. How can you grow your income at low cost and without donor fatigue? 

The answer is Taxback – the Revenue rebate on donations by PAYE-donors. 

The more charities that can be brought together to pool budgets, the more that can be achieved.

The proportion of €250+ donors who return their CHY 2 forms to most charities is less than the proportion of PAYE taxpayers in the general public. Many donors whose donations would be eligible for Taxback don’t do so for various reasons – primarily inertia. We estimate charities are missing out on about €16m p.a. in unclaimed Taxback. Even with recently announced simplifications of the scheme, charities still have to collect CHY 2 forms for each donation year up to and including 2012. 

Following an initial meeting of charities, a steering group came together to develop a campaign to improve the response rate on CHY 2 mailings. The steering group developed a campaign brief and, following agency pitches, selected Javelin as creative partner. The campaign, called The Good Form, has now been adopted by the ICTR. 

The campaign will run initially through direct marketing from spring 2013 - when most charities send their tax mailings. It will raise awareness of the benefits of The Good Form, the simple need to complete and return the forms and address some of the common barriers to response. It will carry The Good Form brand that you can use in your mail and online in conjunction with your own brand. This will leverage a positive return on investment from contributing charities in the same year as the spend. The more charities that can be brought together to pool budgets, the more that can be achieved.

Also, in the long term, there are plan in plae to secure funding for an above-the-line advertising campaign, including messaging around the changes in the Taxback scheme. 

Interested in joining the campaign? Join the campaign Linkedin group here or contact