The Ireland Funds Extends Commitment to Irish Charities

Struggling charities have received a welcome boost with news that the Worldwide Ireland Funds is to double its target to raise money to assist them after "unprecedented demand" from the sector.

The Funds aims to raise €148m for its Promising Ireland campaign that has supported more than 250 charities and not-for-profit organisations across the island of Ireland in the past five years. The campaign, which was due to close at the end of this year, has raised more than €100m already and will be extended to the end of 2015 to reach this new goal. The fresh target will require the Funds to raise on average €1.48m a month – twice the current level.

All of the monies raised have come from private philanthropists and organisations across the 12 countries in which the Funds has a presence, drawn from the network of people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland. CEO of the Worldwide Ireland Funds Kieran McLoughlin said it was looking at a series of initiatives – in addition to fundraising – through which it can offer support.

"Our donors are really standing up when it counts most..."

The non-profit sector in Ireland was key to maintaining the social fabric as the country recovers, Mr McLoughlin said. "Our donors are really standing up when it counts most in a practical and impactful response by the diaspora," he added.

Among agencies to have benefited in the past are Barnardos, Barretstown, the Irish Georgian Society and the Trinity Access Programmes. The Funds programme has helped more than 1,500 organisations since it was founded in 1976. 

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